The Landscape

Mental health is impacting young people in Western Australia today, more than ever. Here are some facts.

  • One in seven young people aged 4 to 17 experience a mental health condition in any given year.
  • 13.9% of children and young people (aged 4 to 17 years) met the criteria for a diagnosis of a mental disorder in the last 12-months.
  • 6.9% of children and young people (aged 4 to 17 years) had suffered from an anxiety disorder in the past 12 months.
  • Only 31% of young women and 13% of young men with mental health problems had sought any professional help.
  • Suicide continues to be the leading cause of death for young Australians.
  • Students with mental disorders have lower levels of connectedness to school and engagement with school work.
  • The combination of mental disorders and socio-economic disadvantage compounds the impacts on academic achievement.
  • 1 in 4 parents do not know that their children have a mental disorder.

Young Minds Matter – Telethon Kids Institute
Beyond Blue