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Make a Difference WA Foundation is delighted to announce its latest charity project for 2013, the Youth Support Scholarship Programme in support of disadvantaged youth in Western Australia. The Foundation has allocated funds towards this programme to foster the further development of talented underprivileged youths aged 12-19 inclusive who require financial assistance to enable them to pursue their chosen field. The division of scholarship monies are to be decided upon assessment of the individual applicant requirements each year.

Applicants will need to show how funding made available by Make A Difference WA Foundation will help them on the path to realising their goals and is necessary to further their development and education in their specific area which may include academic, music, sport, dance, science, drama, community etc. The foundation will further this programme by endeavouring to provide leadership and mentorship by West Australians who have achieved their goals and success in their chosen field. Hopefully through the support from the foundation and the WA Corporate Community, we can help these young people to make their dreams come true and you never know we may have discovered the next Justin Langer.

We can truly help these young people to make their dreams come true.