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K-equip provides special-needs bicycles and tricycles to people with disabilities.  They provide a free service for their clients include disability bike fitting from low to high support needs, riding skills assessments, written report, grant assistance to obtain a bike and learn to ride classes.

K-equip runs a “I Can Ride Program” which involves free classes for kids with low-moderate level disabilities (motor planning, motor disorders, mild CP, intellectual disability, sensory disorders, anxiety etc). Many of the kids they fit for special needs bikes have the potential to learn how to ride a regular bike but they need specialised instruction and can’t just jump on and figure it out in the backyard. Make a Difference WA Foundation was delighted to support K-equip with 10 “training bikes” which will be specially designed bikes that convert through the different stages of learning as the child progresses.  

The program involves 6 children in a class with 10 bikes in various sizes and of various configurations to cover every different child at each stage of progress.

I Can Ride Program Gallery

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