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Every young person, regardless of background, should have the experience of being dressed up for their school ball or graduation, yet for many hundreds of West Australian youth; this will remain a dream that without help cannot become a reality.

Cinderella Kids is a project founded by Di Wilcox and Bruce Reynolds that provides opportunities for young people to experience a makeover and professional styling where they are dressed and styled for their school ball or graduation so that they are able to see the best version of themselves. When disadvantaged youth see the potential in themselves we hope that it gives them the encouragement to work hard to become all that they were born to be and make a positive contribution within their community.

Cinderella Kids is also an opportunity for young people who come from privileged backgrounds to give back to their community by donating their ball gowns, suits, shoes and accessories to Cinderella Kids who will use these to dress and style youth who are not as fortunate.

Cinderella Kids also provides bi-monthly dinners or high teas with high profile Australians or celebrities for children who either have a terminal illness, have suffered severe trauma or come from a severely disadvantaged background. These children will be professionally styled to look and feel incredible before experiencing this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Cinderella Kids relies on sponsorship from organisations and individuals to make these events happen. To find out more about how you can contribute to this project, click here.